What to Know in 2022 about Social Media Video Marketing

With a rapid increase in the popularity of social media, video marketing strategies are becoming increasingly necessary for digital marketers in order to help their businesses grow. Additionally, video marketing strategies are on the rise because of a recent upsurge in new marketing trends.

Compelling visual content has been proven to enhance return on investment (ROI) and drive sales. Nearly three-fourths (around 73%) of people who look into product review videos end up buying at least one of the featured items.

There are many platforms on which you can release video content, such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Almost everyone has an account on any one of these sites, so the numbers are in your favor.

Social Media Videos Come In Various Types

It’s important to get acquainted with exactly what kind of videos are best for each social media platform involved. Each one of them has various purposes involved. Typical video types to this end include, but are not limited to:

  • “About Us”

This gives viewers all the information necessary about the brand’s goals, culture, backstory, ethics, and what really drives/motivates them. It shows qualities that are unique to the brand, highlighting how to best stand out from the noise and crowd of competitors.

  • Event Videos

Event videos are a genre of video that usually feature a company event. They are used to share event videos with customers who could not attend. They do well in terms of driving engagement and connecting the company to its customers.

Live social media streaming will go a long way to showcase the whole event in real-time to customers as well. Virtual event videos give viewers an immersive experience and know more about what your brand is like behind the scenes.

  • How-To Videos

In these videos, you typically do not have to mention brands or products unless they’re necessary. These videos are meant for market authority and to create brand awareness. Primarily, they’re seen on social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Facebook.

  • Product Demonstration

Often confused with how-to videos, these actually stand on their own as a separate entity. These videos are in-depth demonstrations of the product people bought and can answer any questions they might have about it. They typically don’t drive conversions but provide crucial information about the product, such as where they can be used or how they can help.

However, when done properly, they can entice your site’s visitors to buy and try out your product for themselves. Product demo videos that are done right can likely help sales figures go up. Many businesses nowadays have seen a boost in their sales after using product demo videos to their advantage.

  • Promotional Videos

These videos are promotional, as the name suggests. Customers are able to get the first word of exclusive offers and ongoing sales. This includes vital information like purchase details and means of contact. 


Social video marketing is a huge boost to advertising a product or service. It’s no wonder that companies and organizations are putting them to good use. There are many types of content you can release, such as “about us” videos, event videos, and even promotional videos.

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