The Impact of Minimalistic Logos and Why You Should Have One

We see logos anywhere, anytime. In the morning, we see the brand logo on our breakfast cereal, and when we go out, we see logos on the street, whether it’s a restaurant or a retail store, then again at night when we prepare food for dinner. To put it plainly, we’re bombarded by logos because businesses and organisations want to leave an impression on us.

However, these businesses and organisations also understand what they’re doing, which is why many rebrand their logos to be more minimalistic. These logos don’t take away from the previous logo, but they do just enough to be memorable. However, many are yet to do this, mainly because rebranding a logo essentially means changing something that a business’s or organisation’s target audience has known for a long time. For this reason, we’ll discuss why simple logos are starting to pop up everywhere.

The Rise of Simple Logos

There’s a reason why we see simple logos everywhere: they just work. They give a business or organisation a sense of professionalism that can be easily recognised and remembered. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with images and ads, simple logos help businesses and organisations to stand out and be remembered. They don’t take away from the company or organisation’s message, and their versatility allows them to be adapted to fit any business or organisation’s branding.

There have been many instances where this happened. A prominent example would be Nike, which changed its logo back in 1995 to a more minimalist approach. The new logo was a huge success and is still in use today. Another example would be Google, which changed its logo in 2015 to a more minimalistic approach. The new logo was a huge success and is still in use today.

Why Simple Logos Work

There are many reasons why simple logos work, such as:

Visual Comfort

Simple logos are easier on the eyes and are more visually comfortable to look at. They are more cluttered and busy than complex logos, which can be visually overwhelming.

Digital Support

Simple logos are easier to reproduce on digital platforms like websites and social media. They can be scaled down or up without losing quality and used on various background colours without affecting legibility.

Suitable for Smaller Screens

Many people use their mobile devices to browse the web. A simple logo is more suitable for mobile devices because it can be scaled down to fit smaller screens without sacrificing quality.

A Modern Look

Modern logos are usually simple. This is because simplicity is often associated with modernity. A simple logo can help you communicate that your brand is up-to-date with the latest trends.

Add More Depth

It may seem like designing a simple logo may remove depth, but it’s the opposite. The depth comes from having a strong message that is communicated simply because a logo should be able to be understood quickly and easily. The more depth your logo has, the more likely people will remember it.

Are There Drawbacks?

As effective as they may be, however, there are cases against simple logos. Many argue that simple logos lack character because nothing about them makes them stand out. A simple logo may look nice, but if it has something unique, it may not be as memorable as a more complex one. Some also argue that simple logos can be too generic and not communicate anything about the company or brand they represent.

However, these arguments don’t always apply, especially if the company or organisation knows what to do. For example, suppose the company is targeting a specific audience. In that case, a simple logo can work well because it can be easily remembered and won’t be confused with another company’s logo. A simple logo can also be very effective if the company or organisation is trying to communicate a specific message, as long as the company understands the message and the target audience and can translate the message into a visual design.


Simple logos are rising, and it’s safe to say they’re here to stay. While some arguments are against them, simple logos can be very effective if used correctly. All that matters is that the company understands the message it wants to communicate and the target audience it’s trying to reach.

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