Elevating the Suburban Dining and Rooftop Restaurant from Hidden Gem to Hotspot

Studio Lore excels in transforming digital landscapes with innovative marketing strategies. Specialising in Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, our mission is to spotlight businesses like never before. This case study showcases our successful campaign for The Suburban Dining + Rooftop Restaurant, which transitioned from an unseen location to a thriving dining hotspot.


The Suburban Dining + Rooftop Restaurant faced the challenge of being hidden in a corner nook, significantly impacting its visibility and foot traffic. Initially, the restaurant averaged 200 covers on a typical Friday.


Embarking on their first digital advertising venture, we crafted a vibrant and eye-catching ad campaign tailored for Facebook and Instagram. This strategy was complemented by enhancing their website to feature live customer reviews and integrating an automated system for collecting post-dining feedback, thus boosting their Google review count.


We meticulously monitored and adjusted our ad campaigns for maximum impact while ensuring a seamless integration of website enhancements. We created a whole new set of landing pages specifically tailored to each of our campaigns, optimising for conversions. 


  • Covers Increase: The campaign led to a staggering increase in covers, rising from an average of 200 up to 400-512 on a regular Friday. This represents an increase of approximately 67% to 156%.
  • Cost Per Acquisition: Impressively, we lowered the cost per acquisition to an average of $12, demonstrating not only effectiveness in reaching more customers but doing so in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Google Reviews Growth: Before our intervention, the restaurant averaged 12 Google reviews. Post-implementation of our email automation strategy, this number rose to an average of 23 reviews, nearly doubling the count and significantly enhancing the restaurant’s online credibility.

Covers Growth: 

The average growth rate in net covers for the period from August to December 2023 is approximately 15.70% and the highest increase of 29.97%.

Cost Per Acquisition: 

The overall average cost per result for the ads between August 2023 and December 2023 is approximately $12.03.

Through Studio Lore’s strategic digital marketing efforts, The Suburban Dining + Rooftop Restaurant experienced a remarkable transformation in both visibility and profitability. Our campaign not only significantly increased their patronage but did so with exceptional cost efficiency.


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