SEO 101: 7 Valuable Benefits of On-Page Optimisation

Search engine optimisation uses relevant keywords to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). If a website ranks high, it will be closer to being on the first page of a search engine. However, this isn’t enough because other measures are to be taken, such as on-page optimisation.

On-page optimisation is improving the page to rank higher on the SERPs. SEO experts have ways of reviewing your website and pointing out what is wrong. If a website ranks higher, it’s likely to receive a lot more traffic. Not many people realise the value of on-page optimisation, which is why we’ll discuss its benefits in this article. Read on below to get started.

#1 – Improves Local SEO

On-page optimisation is a factor that affects your local search engine rankings. Local search engine optimisation is vital because it’s still a huge business. If someone is looking for a local business, they will probably use the search engine to find it. However, the local search engine results won’t just be limited to the big-name companies you come across. It will also rank local businesses that don’t have much exposure.

#2 – Fast Crawls a Web Page

When it comes to search engine bots, most will crawl a web page in less than a second. By having on-page optimisation, you are improving the ability of a search engine bot to crawl your website quickly. This will help you rank high in the SERPs because of increased visibility. However, you may not have sufficient on-page optimisation. If this is the case, you will have a lower bounce rate. This means that you will receive more traffic, as well as more conversions.

#3 – Boosts Organic Traffic

Our previous point mentioned that on-page optimisation would help you rank high on SERPs. It also means that you will receive more organic traffic for your website. Even if you rank high on SERPs, it only counts if you have the traffic to back it up. In essence, on-page optimisation is a ranking factor that improves traffic in both organic and non-organic ways.

#4 – Improves Website Speed

A website’s load time can impact whether or not it ranks high on SERPs. If a web page takes too long to load, it can completely ruin your ranking chances. This may be especially true for mobile devices, where it’s harder for people to use a slow website. Fortunately, on-page optimisation will help to boost your website’s load time. This will reduce bounce rates and make your website easier to use, improving your rankings.

#5 – Increases Click-through Rate

On-page optimisation has a significant effect on your website’s click-through rate because it will help to improve the user experience. If you are running a business with a website, you should know that this characteristic is essential. If your website is easy to use, users will likely come back. However, users will probably bounce if your website is hard to use.

#6 – Builds Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a huge ranking factor in the search engine world. If your brand is high in online search engine results, it will result in more traffic for your website. Brand awareness will also improve your conversion rates because you will be getting more leads. Additionally, it will also help you get more backlinks. If a website links back to your brand, it will help you to rank high on SERPs.

#7 – Increases Revenue

Above all else, on-page optimisation can increase your website’s revenue. It’s a simple concept: If you rank higher in the SERPs and receive more organic traffic, you’ll likely make more revenue. This is especially true for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising since you aren’t charged for each click. If you get enough organic traffic, you may not need to use PPC for your website’s traffic.


On-page optimisation is a ranking factor worth considering if you run a website. If you have good on-page optimisation, it will help you to improve your rankings and traffic. It will also help you create better conversions, boost revenue, and even improve website speed. If you want to improve your website’s performance, you should invest in on-page optimisation.

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