Granting Agency Access to Facebook Page and Assets

If You Already Have Facebook Business Manager Set Up

Step 1: Access Your Business Settings

  • Log into your Facebook Business Manager account.
  • Navigate to the “Business Settings” by clicking on the menu in the top left corner and selecting ‘Business Settings’.

Step 2: Adding an Agency as a Partner

  • In “Business Settings”, scroll down to the “Users” section and select “Partners”.
  • Click on “Add” and select “Give a partner access to your assets”.
  • Enter the Partner Business ID provided by the agency. This will allow you to add them as a partner to your Business Manager.

Step 3: Assigning Assets (Pages, Ad Accounts, Pixels)

For Facebook and Instagram Page Access:

  • After adding your agency as a partner, you’ll be prompted to assign assets to them. Under the “Pages” section, select the Page(s) you want to give access to and set the appropriate role.

For Ad Account Access:

  • In the “Ad Accounts” section, select the Ad Account(s) you wish to share access to, and assign the appropriate role for the agency.

For Facebook Pixel Access:

  • Under “Data Sources” and then “Pixels”, select the Pixel(s) you’d like the agency to access. Assign them with the necessary permissions to manage and view Pixel data.

If You Need to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Step 1: Create Your Facebook Business Manager Account

  • Go to business.facebook.com and click on “Create Account”.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your account by entering your business name, your name, and your business email address.

Step 2: Add Your Business Assets

Add Your Facebook Page:

  • Inside Business Manager, click on “Add Page” in the “Accounts” section to add your Facebook Page.

Add Your Ad Account:

  • Click on “Ad Accounts” in the “Accounts” section. If you have an existing Ad Account, choose to add it. If not, you can create a new one.

Add Your Instagram Account:

  • Navigate to “Instagram Accounts” in the “Accounts” section and add your Instagram account by logging in.

Add Your Facebook Pixel:

  • Click on “Pixels” under “Data Sources” to add or create a new Facebook Pixel for tracking.

Step 3: Grant Agency Access

  • After setting up your Business Manager and adding your assets, go to “Users” > “Partners” in the “Business Settings” to add your agency by their Partner Business ID and assign them access to your assets as described in the steps above.

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