5 Creative Ways to Design Effective Marketing Collateral

It’s more important than ever that brands develop marketing strategies that are agile and can reach audiences anywhere, but you also need to be original in how you present your content. So many brands are taking this approach that it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd, unless you’re different.  

If you want to create effective marketing collateral, you should always remember these tips.

1) Always Be Authentic 

It’s extremely easy to fall into the trap of design plagiarism. You get a brilliant idea, make a collage and post it on your Instagram page, and suddenly you’re receiving compliments left and right. You’re riding off your success, but not long after you’ll realise that others have already used the same design and your collage actually looks even more unoriginal than before.

Be sincere and speak from the heart. The best way to create materials that people will love is to always make sure that you’re being genuine.

2) Include Some Visuals

Nothing is worse than a set of boring design collateral. Breaking up text with images, using visual metaphors and even using humor can be really effective in engaging your audience.

They’re fun to scroll through, and they’re also easy to digest. When you don’t post images on your page, you may be missing out on a flurry of engagement, as many Facebook users prefer to see images on their feeds. Include some visuals in your posts and you’ll see that you’ll get more shares, likes and comments.

3) Personalise Your Messages

It’s true that many brands think that creating impersonal and generic messages will help them to reach a wide audience, but that’s not true. A more personalised message can help you to engage a more niche, specific audience.

If you want your message to land on target, you need to be as specific and personalised as possible. A personalised message will immediately highlight what’s unique about you.

4) Create Flexible Collateral

Not only that your design collateral should be catchy, but they should also be versatile. You can do this by creating collateral that have endless possibilities.

Don’t be afraid to use a format that’s easy to break out into multiple pieces or even a format that can be printed on the fly. For example, a sketchbook can be a really interesting format to use. It’s versatile, too, since it can be used as a sketchbook by the artist and as a collage by the designer.

5) Incorporate Your Values

The best way to create design collateral that people will remember is to always make sure that your materials reflect your values.

The materials that you decide to use and the words that you choose will have an impact on your audience in the long run. The best way to create collateral that are effective is to make sure that you don’t compromise your values, even if it means that you have to take the initiative and do the legwork that’s necessary to create materials that will resonate with your audience.


The goal of marketing collateral is to make sure that your message is received by your audience. Your materials should convey your values and speak from the heart. Above all, the materials that you create should help you to connect with your audience.

If you’re having a hard time designing materials that will resonate with your audience, get a professional opinion. At Studio Lore, we offer social media marketing services in Melbourne to help you build your online presence. Consult with us today!

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