Branding Mistakes All Business Should Avoid

Your brand or digital agency has the fantastic opportunity to create lasting relationships with customers through their products and services — until you commit these mistakes, which any industry and company must avoid.

Being Too Focused on Trends

While any brand and digital agency must pay attention to trends, that doesn’t mean instantly applying the latest fad to your next marketing campaign. Keeping up with the times is excellent when your brand is planning for the future, but — for trends to work — be sure you are jumping on board because it aligns with your business vision and goals. 

For example, you don’t have to start using TikTok or Instagram because your competition is unless the platform fits your brand image. You must have snackable video and photo content to post regularly, for starters. So long as you keep your core identity intact with a solid and cohesive brand strategy, you can modernise and present your brand as fresh and contemporary.

Imbibing the Wrong Values

Brands are like human beings. They represent core beliefs to find common ground with your customers. Following these values is essential when creating new marketing campaigns or leading every action you take. For instance, a brand that is eco-conscious and has sustainability in its core values should not attach its name to a product made of plastic, which contributes to environmental pollution.

For your brand to be respected and taken seriously, you need to ensure the values and messaging are in alignment. Otherwise, you risk the damage caused by failing to maintain the trust of your target market.

Worse still is when the brand doesn’t practise what it preaches! When you break your promises to others, you break their trust. When you break your brand promise to your clients or customers, you break their faith. 

It’s difficult enough to gain broken trust, so don’t nip that problem in the bud by not breaking your promises. When you break your client’s or customer’s trust, you’re opening the door to making them distrustful of your professionalism and breaking your reputation. 

This also means creating a negative brand experience is something you want to avoid. Remind your design agency about this if you work with one.

Missing Out on a Rebrand

On the opposite of being hardcore regarding trends, your brand might be overdue for a revamped image if it’s been over ten years. Not updating can be a mistake. Aside from irrelevance, a rebrand is necessary due to a change in business direction since you first started, a shift in values, or outgrowing your original brand. 

Other common rebranding mistakes include having an unclear brand position and not consistent branding. Be sure to consult on this one with your design agency.

Poor B2C Experiences

How often have you had an unpleasant experience while interacting with a brand? It’s memorable: it makes an impression on you—and not a good one. You don’t forget it because you felt bad when interacting with the brand: sad, upset, or disillusioned. 

Think about Disney. They have nailed their brand experiences so that everyone expects a positive experience when interacting with the company. Hearing Disney’s name makes people feel joyful, anticipating the positive experience they know they will have when interacting with the company. That is the kind of memorable, positive branding that your company should try to create for your customers.


Raising a brand is like raising an actual child — it takes great care and scrutiny to ensure they make a positive impact. Learn from others’ mistakes by avoiding these branding booboos. You’ll thank us later when you’ve achieved increased ROI and a more robust customer base!

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