3 Simple Ways to Optimise Your Local SEO – Our Guide

Are you wondering how your website can target people within the area of your business place? Local SEO will be the answer to your thoughts. It’s a perfect strategy to use to reach audiences within the area of your business’ physical location or the geographic area your business is serving. 

Capturing local search territory can help your business grow. After all, it’s the audiences from your area that are most likely to take advantage of your product or service since your business will be accessible for them, so it’s only right to prioritise them. That said, optimising your local SEO is a must. 

If you own a website for your business, this guide is for you. Read on to learn a few simple ways on how you can optimise the local SEO in your website.


1. Utilise Google My Business (GMB) tool

One of the ways to optimise your local SEO is by using tools that can make your website easier to manage. Google My Business is the perfect tool for that. It’s a free tool released by Google to allow businesses to manage their own contact information, address, and reviews themselves. If you utilise this tool on your website, you can confirm all your business information to Google. 

Once Google has recognised your business location, it can easily find you once a user from your area searches for a product or service related to your business. For example, your business provides photography services. If the user searches for “photographer in Melbourne”, then Google will direct the user to your website since your Google My Business tool is optimised for “Melbourne.”

It’s a tool that can gain you a chance to rank higher to increase your visibility and drive conversions from local clients.


2. Optimise your content

Another way you can optimise your local SEO is to optimise your content. As you know, Google’s algorithm can read text on a website and scan it for keywords users are searching for. Once Google has seen that your content is relevant for the searcher, there’s a higher chance that it will place your website on one of the top search results. So, make sure to optimise your website’s content by putting relevant keywords and keeping texts easy to understand so that Google can analyse them easily. 


3.Ensure your website’s loading speed is fast

Similar to the usual SEO, optimising your website for local SEO also requires a fast loading website. You must ensure that the speed of your website will pass Google’s standards because Google prioritises the user’s experience. If your website has a slow loading time, Google will not give you a chance to rank high. If your website is not on the top search results, users will not see your website. So, ensure that your website’s loading speed is fast for you to rank the first page for local keywords. 



Before you improve your site’s visibility on a national or global scale, you should first capture the local searchers in your area. The population may seem small, but they are a surefire way to make your business grow because there’s a higher chance they will take advantage of your products or services since your business is accessible for them. Don’t overlook the fact that they can improve your ranking, making your website more visible to more users. 

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