Increasing Your Online Sales with Good Product Photography

Product photography is important for online sales because it gives buyers a feel for the product. If a buyer can’t see what the product looks like, they are less likely to buy it. That said, below are just a few tips that will help you improve your product photography process.

1. Analyse and Adapt a Photography Style

A professional photographer will take the time to set up their shot to make sure that the lighting is perfect and that the composition is just right. They will also take the time to edit their photographs afterwards, to ensure that they look perfect. All of this takes time and effort, and it is something that you cannot simply do with your camera.

Product photography is all about making the product look its best. The most successful product photographers take the time to learn about their products and plan their photo shoots carefully. By taking the time to understand the product and what makes it special, they can create photos that really show it off.

2. Search for Inspirations Online

When you find a photo that you like, take a close look at it and think about how you could recreate it. What would you need to do differently to make it your own? Are there any small details that you could change to make it more interesting? Once you have your own ideas, start planning how you can execute them. Never hesitate to look at examples online.

Choose a selection of images that you are drawn to and copy them onto your computer. Go through them individually and get rid of any with which you don’t feel connected.

3. Establish Your Main Listing Photo Early On

The listing photo is the most important photo on the listing. The photo will catch the customer’s eye and make them interested in the listing.

Product photography is just like that. The first photo you see should be an eye-catching image that represents the product in its best light. The other photos should be more detailed, showing different angles and features of the product. Together, these photos should give potential customers a good idea of what the product looks like and what it can do.

4. Never Forget the Importance of Secondary Listings Photos

The secondary photos are the photos that appear below the main photo on a listing. They are there to show potential buyers what is special about the product.

Your secondary photos should highlight both the small details that make your product special, as well as the best features of the product. Just like real estate agent photos that make potential buyers want to purchase a home, your photos should make potential buyers want to avail the items for sale.

5. Remember That Image Quality Matters

A high-quality product photo is important because it is the first thing a potential buyer will see. A good photo will make the product more appealing and make the buyer more likely to want to buy it.

Online shoppers are becoming more and more discerning, and they expect to see high-quality product photos before they make a purchase. If a site uses low-quality photos, shoppers are likely to click away and go to a competitor with better images.


Product photography is an important aspect of online sales for many reasons. Good product photography can make your products look more professional and increase customers’ likelihood of purchasing. There are many things to consider when taking or selecting photos of the items for sale, such as lighting, composition, and angle. Following these tips can improve your product photography and increase your earnings in time.

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