How to Retarget Potential Diners Who Abandoned Your Website


Web traffic is excellent, but what truly matters is conversion. Retargeting strategies help you reach out to potential diners who visited your website but left without making a reservation or ordering food. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you retarget those lost opportunities effectively.


Why Retargeting Matters:

In digital marketing, retargeting serves as a reminder to users who have shown interest in your restaurant but didn’t take the final step. Given that they’re already familiar with your offerings, these users often have a higher likelihood of converting when retargeted correctly.


Setting up Pixel Tracking:

To retarget effectively, you need to track user behaviour on your website. Tools like Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager allow you to do this. These tracking pixels capture data on pages visited, items clicked, and other interactions, enabling you to segment your audience based on their actions.


Creating Custom Audiences:

Using the data collected, create custom audiences for your retargeting campaigns. For example, you can target users who checked out your menu but didn’t make a reservation, or those who read customer testimonials but didn’t navigate to the bookings page.


Crafting Relevant Messages:

The success of retargeting hinges on how relevant and compelling your message is. Tailor the ad copy and visuals to align with the specific behaviour exhibited by the custom audience. For instance, for someone who looked at your menu but didn’t order, a special discount on a popular dish might be a good incentive.


Choosing the Right Platforms:

Retargeting campaigns can be run on various platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and even through email marketing. Pick platforms where your custom audience is most active, and make sure to harmonise the messaging across these channels for a unified brand experience.


Analysing and Refining:

Keep a close eye on your retargeting campaign’s performance metrics, like click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition. This analysis will not only help you gauge the success of your current campaign but will also offer insights for future retargeting strategies.



Retargeting is a sophisticated approach to reclaim lost opportunities and boost conversions. By setting up tracking mechanisms, crafting audience-specific messages, and choosing the appropriate platforms, you can turn potential diners who abandoned your website into loyal patrons.

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